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About us

Over 25 years of producing coasters and placemats, we are one of the most experienced companies in tabletop business.  All of our designs are created by our European designers, which inspire a special taste to our lives and accordingly enhance our quality of living. 
Melamine trays, wooden trays, and lap trays, are our other lines of production. These trays, together with memo boards, serve as another decorative utensil in the kitchen. 
Our objective is to build a long-term business partnership with our customers.  We introduce trendy designs in every season alongside with our quality that customer satisfaction is the key to our mutual success. 
We like challenges and view customer's demands as our target to achieve.  Our vision is to establish ourselves among the leading tableware manufacturer in terms of design and quality. 
Our head office is in Hong Kong, with production facilities in Shandong, China.Our in-house designers and engineers, using the latest technology and supported by full QC, take care of our daily production.  Our administration, sales and marketing team, strongly believe we have the professional knowledge and experiences to provide the services that will turn you to be our next potential customers. 

Since the opening of modern China in the 1980s, we set up our factory in Donghuan, Shenzhen.  After around 20 years of operation, we found the area was not big enough to cater our daily production.  Then, we started moving to Caoxian County, Heze City, Shandong in 2007; and completed the whole transfer process in 2013.  Caoxian is a small county in the south-west part of Shandong Province.  It is a quiet and peaceful region about 736 kilometers from Qingdao and 270 kilometers from Jinan International Airport. 

Our factory occupies a total area of around 63,000 square metres; with 20 blocks of about 13,500 square metres as production base.  Total working force is about 200 labours, producing an average of over 1,200,000 pieces of coasters and placemats, and 30,000 pieces of melamine trays, per month.  Since moving to the new premises, we have adopted a more proactive approach with our production.  Automation is introduced to replace most of the manual processes, such as, cork pasting, craving, and lacquer coating, etc.  Recently, we have installed the automatic box-folding machine.  This increases our output of gift boxes by a great extent; with much better quality but less labour.  Of course, there are still some other procedures are operated manually; these are due to improve in the coming years.  We are not only emphasizing on quality but product image is also our concern.  Our new laser machine provides the value-added service to our customers with logo etching at the back of each mat. This small issue enhances the product image and has good response in the market.
To ease the pressure from the daily routine we have some recreational facilities, such as basket-ball, badminton, table tennis, and botanic garden, etc; to help our workers to refresh their bodies as well as their minds.  In order to cope with the social responsibility and ethical trading, from time to time, we have our Sedex auditing to ensure we are an ethical enterprise.  We treat our workers as family members and together we manage to build a better future for ourselves.